1. A Step Further


To stimulate the curiosity concerning different families

To develop interest in conducting research


All subjects




Two 1-hour sessions


Questions, for most learning activities, are usually initiated by the educator.  This activity will give the participants the opportunity to initiate the questions.


The participants will be asked to read one story from the book and to write down six questions they would like answered about the family.  The six questions will be written on one piece of paper and put into a box.

Participants will be divided into groups and one member from the group will draw a piece of paper from the box, making sure that the questions have been written by someone from another group.

Each group must then do the necessary research to fully answer the questions.  This can be done by taking information from the book or by using additional resources.

The research will be presented to the other groups.  Are the participants who asked the questions, satisfied with the answers?


Text:  Families of the World

Additional resource materials

Writing materials


Make up a quiz using the questions and answers.