1. -Advantages of Living in a Developing Country


To appreciate that all countries have advantages and disadvantages


Language arts




45 minutes


We so often think that life in a developing country would be depressing and extremely difficult.  Being wealthy and having many material possessions may not always be an advantage.  This activity will encourage the participants to see the advantages life offers in a developing country.


The educator will discuss the meaning of developed versus developing country.  What are the contributing factors for each case?  If the country is considered developing, does that mean all people living there are poor, do not eat adequately and have little education?  Discuss some positive aspects about life in a developing country.

Each participant will choose a developing country from the book.  The participant will take on the role of a small child from that country and write a letter explainng why he/she would rather live in that country than your country.  For example:  the child’s country may have less pollution, less crime, tighter family unity, etc.

These letters can be read to the rest of the group and discussed.


Text:  Families of the World

Writing materials