1. Religions of the World


To identify the different religions practised in the Americas

To become aware of certain features of these religions and their historical links


Human  geography




One hour

More time may be required to complete research


People around the world practise many different religions.  Some are more prevalent than others.  This activity will give the participants an opportunity to become aware of some features of different religious beliefs and the links between history and religion.


The educator will begin this activity by asking the participants to name the major  religions of  North and South Americas.  These will be listed on flipchart paper.  A similar list will be made for the religions of the Caribbean countries.  Compare the lists.

The participants will then choose a religion and country from the above lists and write a short research paper which will indicate the traditional religious beliefs of the country and the historical facts leading to religious beliefs practised there today.

One paper from each religion will be presented and discussed with the group.


Text:  Families of the World

World map

Flipchart paper

Writing materials


Guest speakers from different religious denominations could be invited to speak to the group.