A journey through our similarities

The family is at the heart of the human adventure. It is within the family, the microcosm of our society, that are bred the feelings that give rise to hatred, violence and war. Yet, at the same time, it is also within the family that peace on earth can arise. As such, the family has the unique and important duty to teach and to promote dialogue between its members and among civilizations. Today, with the survival of the Earth and of mankind at stake, the family has the obligation to participate in the awakening of the world citizen.

To be a citizen of the world is to be proud and respectful of all forms of life. It is a state of being that gives greater meaning to the little tasks that we perform daily in our homes and communities. It teaches us that we are both «great» and «small», that we are part of the history of the universe and of this planet, just as we belong to our community and family.

The discovery of the daily activities of people across the world, and the sharing of our similarities as well as the extraordinary diversity of living conditions and cultures will contribute to the development of a global consciousness, an essential component of the emergence of a more peaceful world.

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There are similarities through the difficulties we encounter through heritage of the land …(see India, Paraguay)

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